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Arabica Ethiopia Mocca Lekempti

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Until 19th century coffee in Ethiopia was picked up from wild trees; even today most of the coffee comes from natural environment. Annual production is of over 2 million bags, of which almost a half is used on an internal market. Exportation is limited due to lack of routes and means of transport.

Coffee industry in Ethiopia is controlled by Ethiopian Coffee Marketing Corporation – this corporation controls 90% of exportation. Ethiopian coffee is sold mainly to Germany, USA, France and Japan.

The coffee name – Mocca Lekempti comes from a name of the village in Jinuma province, surrounded by wild coffee trees. Coffee is grown at 1 200 + 1 800 metres. It has medium sized, oval shaped bean with greenish colour. Coffee has a smoky, winey aroma with fruity and chocolate notes. Sweet and spicy taste depends on the slopes where trees are grown: north or south ones. It is a well balanced coffee with low acidity and caffeine content.

Packages of 1 kg, 500 g, 250 g

Green coffee is also available - please contact us by phone or via e-mail.